Film & Television

Hell on Wheels                     Principal                                                   AMC

Everest                                  Supporting                                                CBC

Scotch Neat                           Lead                                                         Green Productions 

High Noon                             Principal                                                  TBS

Trouble                                  Lead                                                         Bluestone Pictures

North of 60                            Recurring Principal                                 CBC

Snow Safari                          Host 13 Episodes                                      Alberta Releasing

Canadian Ghost Stories        Principal                                                   CBC

Alberta Anthology                Lead                                                         CBC

Supernet                                Lead                                                         AXIA

Lonesome Dove                    Principal                                                  Canadian Dove

Happens in Threes                Lead                                                         CTSR

TreeLine                                Principal                                                  Market Square

Telus Industrial                     Principal                                                   Media One

Talk Back                              Principal                                                   Soloshye Prod.

Roger Caron Story                 Principal                                                  Tradition Pictures

Calmly Thru The Laughter    Principal                                                  ACA

Many  National and Local Television and Radio spots